James Flynn series

"... journalist-turned-bestselling author Jack Patterson proves he just might be the next worthy successor to Vince Flynn.”

 - Vincent Zandri, bestselling author of THE REMAINS

The James Flynn thriller series follows the adventures of former CIA analyst and operative James Flynn, who becomes an investigative reporter for The National magazine after he's maligned by the agency as a whistleblower. It's Flynn's tenacious quest for the truth as well as his special skill set that enable him to maneuver through delicate situations while uncovering horrifying conspiracies. His frequent television appearances as an expert on certain conspiracies as well as his books create challenges as well for someone who gets pulled into secret assignments for the CIA — all while working on his latest piece for The National.


When ex-CIA operative turned investigative reporter James Flynn discovers a shocking document covered up during the JFK assassination investigation, he unearths a deathbed confession from a government official. Compelled by his quest for the truth he launches down a path leading to the Holy Grail of investigative journalism: The Mastermind of the JFK assassination conspiracy.

But when his investigation unravels dark secrets, Flynn uncovers something far more sinister—a plot to assassinate the current President and start a nuclear world war. And only Flynn can stop it.



With a heightened threat of a terrorist attack on American soil, former CIA operative turned magazine investigative reporter James Flynn travels to the hinterlands of Idaho to quell rumors about the Idaho National Laboratory becoming the new storage facility for Area 51 artifacts. But while he’s there, a terrorist attack occurs where the hunters become the hunted. Yet as Flynn seeks to foil the terrorists’ plot with FBI agent Jennifer Banks, they stumble upon a conspiracy that stretches far deeper than they expected—one with its tentacles firmly entrenched in various branches of the U.S. government. If they fail, America fails. And failure is never an option for Flynn.




In the third installment of the James Flynn thriller series, Flynn is working on an article for his magazine The National surrounding the famous D.B. Cooper skyjacking case in Washington when a brazen criminal leaps from a commercial jet with a million dollars. While it’s not an exact replication of Cooper’s heist, FBI officials can’t deny the similarities between the cases and the thief’s obvious attempt to make himself out to be Cooper’s equal. 

Working as a consultant for the FBI, Flynn teams up with Agent Jennifer Banks again to catch a criminal who grows more dangerous and daring with each move. Meanwhile, retired FBI agent Harold Coleman who worked on the original Cooper case inserts himself into the investigation in an attempt at redemption. 

But before long, all three find themselves trapped in a deadly game of cat and mouse with the thief and must find a way out before it’s too late.