Cal Murphy series


Working as a journalist at a small weekly paper in rural Idaho, Cal Murphy begins losing his big city dreams of writing for a metro paper before his passion is reignited after three high school star athletes are found dead in a 24-hour period.

As he and fellow photographer Kelly Mendoza attempt to make sense of bizarre circumstances that led to the teens' deaths, Cal makes a chilling discovery, uncovering a vast conspiracy that grows darker with every twist and turn.

With a mastermind determined to silence Cal and Kelly for good, the young reporters ultimately must decide if their lives are worth the risk to reveal the truth.



When veteran NFL quarterback Noah Larson finally guides his team to the Super Bowl, his dreams -- and life -- are dashed when his six-year-old son is kidnapped for a unique ransom: lose the game or his son dies.

Seattle sportswriter Cal Murphy and photographer Kelly Mendoza get pulled into an FBI sting to help rescue Noah's son in Mexico. But when everything falls apart, Cal and Kelly are left to save themselves, save Noah's son, and save the Super Bowl.



When NFL star running back Aaron Banks winds up dead in an abandoned warehouse, San Francisco newspaper reporter Cal Murphy begins an investigation that unearths secrets that are best left alone.

Joined by fellow journalist Kelly Mendoza, Cal ventures into a world rife with conspiracies, butting heads with powerful people and putting a bulls-eye on his own chest. But with time running out to expose the truth, Cal must weigh if the story is worth his life -- and if he has what it takes to topple the most powerful man in Southern California.



Atlanta sports writer Cal Murphy travels deep into the Louisiana bayou to investigate the mysterious death of a five-star high school football recruit in the small town of Saint-Parran. What he finds is a sinister secret hidden beneath a tussle between boosters from two major college football programs fighting for the services of another local recruit.

In pursuit of a story that will reinvigorate his writing career -- and save his marriage -- Murphy uncovers a deadly secret and must decide how far he's willing to go to reveal the truth that could undermine the integrity of the sport.



In the hills of Kentucky, the people of Millersville lead a charmed life thanks to the city’s biggest employer Lee Creek Distilleries and its sly CEO Wilfred Lee. But when things go sideways one night, the town’s favorite son, Kentucky basketball recruit Josh Hood, becomes a prime murder suspect.

When Atlanta reporter Cal Murphy and his wife Kelly make a stop in Millersville as a favor to a family friend to find out what’s really going on, the powers that be frown on the attention. It doesn’t take long before Cal and Kelly rile up the town and its corrupt law enforcement — and they find themselves fighting for their lives and livelihood in the pursuit of not only the truth but also justice.



How can someone be murdered in plain sight in front of thousands of people—and nobody even know it was happening?

When popular stock car racer Carson Tanner dies on the track and stuns the motorsports world, reporter Cal Murphy witnesses the event in disbelief. Something seems off to Cal—and his suspicions are confirmed with a cryptic handwritten note stuck into his pocket.

As the race circuit moves to Phoenix, Cal races against the clock to uncover who sabotaged Tanner’s car—and all upstream against wealthy team owner Ned Davis, who wants to suppress the information; an uncooperative crew full of suspects; and an upstart driver who refuses to let his debut be ruined by such a report.

In an effort to expose the killer and help Tanner’s grieving widow, Cal faces his greatest fear and must decide how far he’s willing to go in order to get justice.


Kelvin Jameson has everything a pro basketball star needs — good looks, a stable family life, a good public image. At least, that's what he looks like on the outside. Hours after hitting a game-winning shot, Jameson is found dead in a hotel room ... and the truth begins to leak out. 

Engaged in a race to break the story Cal Murphy and his wife Kelly must distinguish fact from fiction to get to the bottom of Jameson's death before it cost Cal his job. But the stakes are raised when his pursuit of Jameson's killer just might lead to his own death.


Cuban baseball star Vicente Prado always recognized he had a bright future in his sport, even if his coaches didn’t. All he needed was a chance. But just before he stole away on a boat for a chance to play in the Major Leagues in the United States, he saw something — something that would haunt him far more than he ever imagined. 

When Prado meets Seattle-based reporter Cal Murphy, their lives are thrust together on a journey of survival but also a quest to unmask the truth and live to tell about it. Compelled by his conscience and journalistic instincts, Cal must find out if Prado really saw what he says he saw — and expose a lurking killer in the process.


When Seattle soccer star Sid Westin is gunned down during a bank robbery, reporter Cal Murphy becomes convinced that Sid wasn’t just a random casualty. Contrary to all the evidence on the scene, Cal believes it was calculated and premeditated.

After persuading struggling detective Mel Kittrell to get involved and declare Sid’s death a homicide, Cal must sift through a long list of suspects with Kittrell to determine the killer—all while everything precious to him becomes endangered.